Welcome to SAVE: Long Island, a grassroots, non-profit, non-political group that understands that the only way to fix the top is to start at the bottom. Whether Democrat or Republican, the issues facing Long Island face us all and only by coming together and looking within ourselves and not to others outside can we find the solutions we need. Click here to learn more about us and look around to see what you might find of interest in our effort to Save Long Island.

Our Next Event

On Tuesday, May 6th, we will be showing the documentary 'Take Back Your Power' about the dangers of the 'Smart Grid' and 'Smart Meters'. This is a powerful film that is in depth and should not be missed. Learn more about it by clicking here.

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Welcome To SAVE: Long Island

On this page you can discover more about our group: why we do what we do, how we do it and where we do it. Please join us as we try to fix the problem facing our island (and our nation) and not just talk about them.


What We're About

I know you are wondering, 'What is this website all about?' This website is the main website for a group of people who wish to not only find and then talk about our problems on this great island of ours, but we intend to do something about them. SAVE: Long Island is NOT a site for those who wish to just bitch and moan about the problems but do absolutely nothing to try and solve them. If you're as sick as we are of websites and people like that, then SAVE: Long Island is the website for you.

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The Issues We're Concerned With

The issues concerning our island are many and at times seemingly overwhelming, but the solution to all of them is the same: the willingness to take action that is decisive. Without action there can be no change, and without knowledge the proper courses of action can never be found, and that is why the 'Issues' area was created.

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What You Can Do

You've looked at the site and you like what you've seen and now you're asking what you can do to help us or, more importantly, help yourself and your family. The best thing you can do is come down to our special events, join our and help promote it, and even find ways for us to reach out to more people. you can find out how to do all of that right here.

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