Welcome to SAVE: Long Island, a grassroots, non-profit, non-political group that understands that the only way to fix the top is to start at the bottom. Whether Democrat or Republican, the issues facing Long Island face us all and only by coming together and looking within ourselves and not to others outside can we find the solutions we need. Click here to learn more about us and look around to see what you might find of interest in our effort to Save Long Island.

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On Tuesday, May 6th, we will be showing the documentary 'Take Back Your Power' about the dangers of the 'Smart Grid' and 'Smart Meters'. This is a powerful film that is in depth and should not be missed. Learn more about it by clicking here.

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The Eye on Debt

Learn more about us debt.

To See What Happened at Our Event, Just Click The Image to Enjoy. Thank You

______What's New/In The News_______


Interview on The Mary and Sally Show

Did a short interview on Sally Elkordy's show about the event we are having on vaccines and the upcoming Save Long Island Forum. Click the link right here to check it out for yourself.


A New Night For Our Events

The night of our monthly events has changed from the first Wednesday to the first Tuesday of the month. We're still going to be at the South Huntington Library and our starting time is still the same, as well. Hopefully this change will not only be okay for all of those who come, but it will make it possible for new people to come down. Already, several new people came down to our previous event on the insanity of 'The War on Drugs' and we're hoping that many more come down as well.


Announcing Our Upcoming Event: The 1st Annual Save Long Island Forum

On January 18th of 2014 we shall be putting on our first large scale production called The 1st Annual Save Long Island Forum [website]. It shall be a day-into-night event feturing speakers from the different areas of issues we have covered. So far agreeing to appear are:

Charlotte Iserbyt, speaking on Common Core

Sheriff Richard Mack, speaking on the 2nd amendment

Bill Still, speaking on the economy

Mary Tocco, speaking on vaccines

Medea Benjamine, speaking on human rights

These are just our first confirmed speakers, more sure to follow, so do not miss this incredible event.

go to the website and learn more about it by clicking here right now.


Our New 'Events' Page

Many have been asking for a page where all of our previous events and the videos shown during them could be seen as the previous 'Events' page only showed what was coming up and two live talks we had filmed. Now a new events page has been created, from which you can now do just that. If there are any events of ours that you missed, or you are new and just want to catch up, now is the opportunity for you all to do so.

Go up top and click the 'Events' link or just click here and enjoy.